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mail Peppa Pig - SHOPPING

       1.    Where are they?            

2.    What are four things on the list(單子) they   want to buy?

3.    How many tomatoes did they buy?

4.    What did George call spaghetti?

5.    What is Peppa and George's favorite food?

6.    What kind(種類) of fruit did they buy?

7.    Which one is not on the list?Who bought(買) it?


mail We Can Count to 100!


mail Seasons of Love

What is "525,600 minutes"?
How to say in "525,600" English?



mail 食物主題影片



mail Fast Food PPT


mail Food 單字達人 C696-742


mail Good Time


mail 菜單設計 學習單下載

小朋友,請你想像一下自己是餐廳的老闆,想個響亮的店名,再請你利用下面的單字,設計一套專屬的『 套餐 』吧!記得加上美麗的圖案哦!


Menu   $(         ) dollars

bread+ salad + soup

Main dish(主菜):  noodles , spaghetti , rice…(任選一樣)

Dessert(甜點):  cake, candy, ice cream…(任選一樣)

Drinks(飲料):  coffee, coke, juice…(任選一樣)

mail 圖庫Food cartoon

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