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Improving the English learning culture
at School and enhance Students’
learning motivation in the classroom



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Song + Story + Game= Fun


Song:Vocabulary Songs + Pop Songs + Alian Youtuber

Story: ABC Magic Land+Phonics Story+Picture Books

Game: Seesaw + Wordwall + Lyrics Training




Bilingual Classroom English  

雙語課室英語 By Alian  


Classroom Rules


Song:Vocabulary Songs + Pop Songs + Alian Youtuber


Alian POP Songs Teaching_Grade 3~6


Pop Songs Teaching Tips

1.Only Chrous

2.3 Minutes every class

3.Work together~Show Time or Lyrics

  2-3 students in one group


A Little Love_Monica

Anita’s daughter

Price Tag_Performance


English Graduation Show_2018

Heartbeat -Marcus and Martinus(抖音手勢舞)

The Show-Lenka(抖音手勢舞)_Quizlet+Kahoot

Count On Me(相信我) -Bruno Mars (抖音手勢舞)_Quizizz+Quizlet

All Falls Down-Alan walker(抖音手勢舞)_Quizlet


Hokey Pokey Dance Song(Bilingual PE Class雙語體育課暖身)

Heal The World拯救世界_Michael Jackson

Beautiful in White

Cups(When I'm Gone) 杯子之歌_2014畢業歌

I'll Think Of You我會想起你(拍手歌)_2015畢業歌

Lemon Tree 檸檬樹



 All in one-繳交+批改+發還作業+錄音+錄影+打字+塗鴉



Show Time     Seesaw

A Little Love_Monica

Please tell me about Count on me of Bruno Mars , 30 words, English level is A1,make it simpler


More about AI


My Favorite Song   Seesaw

Youtube Link+30 words

Count On Me

*For Students

--> Never gonna give you up

*For Teachers

 (Print the lyrics)


Let's sing a song    Seesaw

Fill in the blanks(Chrous)

twee_From Youtube to Text

Advanced Class


Story: ABC Magic Land+Phonics Story+Picture Books

ABC Magic Land



Phonics Story 

ABC Fingers Song   Seesaw

Joanne     An apple


I SPY+We all go traveling by-Art藝術+Alphabets字母

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom-Alphabets字母

Brown Bear-Animals動物+Colors顏色

Yo! Yes?-Greetings打招呼


Dem Bones(The Skeleton Dance)


There was an old lady-Halloween萬聖節

Go Away Big Green Monster-Halloween萬聖節

All About Xmas


Five little ducks

Handa's Surprise-Fruit水果+Multiple culture多元文化

I like, I don't like_SDGs1+2

The Dot-Art視覺藝術

Fifty Below Zero-Room房間

Tooth Fairy-Health健康

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

When Sophie Gets Angry- Really Really Angry-Feelings情緒PearDeck


Game: Seesaw + Wordwall + Lyrics Training


Wordwall_By Anita


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Anita needs..._Stationery文具

~Pick Group

Wonder world

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